Mail Call

I just went to pick up the mail and the letters are a mix of sizes and weights.  As is typical the bills and promotions are addresses to me (nothing new, nothing exciting).  Then I get to the bottom of the pile and there is the bigger stuff, The College Alumni Bulletin, and The Journal of Medicine, AND a package from the Benefits Consultants.  I hang over the island in the kitchen and breeze through the Alumni magazine.  Nothing of that much interest but a smile comes across my face and I am happy.  Why you ask?  Because DB’s mail comes to our home now.  It means he has to come back because he has to get his mail.  When I was little (even now) I don’t like to go away for more than a week.  What if something important comes in the mail and I miss it.  Nothing important comes anymore, nothing that you can’t get online or via your cell phone, but to me I know DB has to come home because I have his mail.  To me it means he live here.


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